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Frequently Asked

We attach great importance to the intuitive usability of our systems and make every effort to provide our users with all the information they need about our services. However, we have received a number of questions regarding our Destination Manager, which we would like to answer here.


Who maintains the content?

We have expanded our experienced team of travel security analysts to include additional staff who continuously add content and keep it up to date.

How often is the content updated?

The contents are constantly updated by our team.

Which sources are used?

We use official information from the authorities of the individual countries (e.g. German Foreign Office, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, US Embassy, Canada Foreign Office, Ireland Foreign Office) as well as other reliable media sources. We permanently evaluate more than 500 mandatory sources for our information provision.

Does the information only apply to persons with German citizenship?

Most of the information in the Destination Manager is of a general nature: The information relating to the provisions of the destination country with regard to the corona activities apply regardless of nationality. The provisions related to testing and quarantine obligations are also at least applicable to all EU citizens.

However, the information provided by the Foreign Office in relation to the travel and safety advice applies exclusively to citizens living / registered in Germany. The same applies to the “Entry modalities Germany” category.

Are only trips from Germany covered?

Basically, we assume that you will start a trip from Germany. However, only the destination country is queried within the Destination Manager, so the provisions of the destination country are stored. In many cases, the information on the respective entry countries also contains extended information, for example on entry from EU or third countries. Ultimately, this depends on the information content of the respective sources in the target countries.

Can you see under which conditions entry may be possible even though there is an entry restriction?

If exceptions have been communicated, these are stored.

Are transit countries also taken into account or do they have to be queried individually for ground transport?

We have recorded the country-specific entry requirements and supplemented these in part with transit information. For more detailed information on transit travel, please contact the relevant authorities/embassies.

Are return travel regulations to Germany also taken into account? E.g. in case of different entry regulations for different federal states (e.g. quarantine yes/no)?

Re-entry into Germany is part of any restrictions for German citizens. If there are corresponding regulations, these are shown in the section on travel restrictions. However, we cannot show the regulations of all 16 federal states, which is why we link to the corresponding websites here.

What are the entry requirements for A3M? Which document do I have to carry? What are the vaccination requirements?

For the DACH region, we have linked to the relevant entry requirements as listed by the local Foreign Office for Germans, Swiss and Austrians. For all other nationalities, the query can be made via the IATA Travel Center, which is also linked, but this is only available in English.

Does the Destination Manager also contain information on the general entry requirements? Can I find out whether the travelers need a passport that is valid beyond the duration of the trip, etc.?

You will also receive information from us on the necessary ID documents, any visas that may be required, including the application process, regulations for minors and people with dual nationality.

We have also integrated all this information for your travelers on the “My Trip” page. There is also a note that this information only applies to German citizens.

There is no information on visa requirements in the entry regulations. Is there anything planned regarding visa requirements or only in relation to Corona?

We have integrated plug-ins to our partners Visum Point and DVKG, which provide the respective valid visa regulations. In this context, the nationality of the traveller is also queried.

Do you specify when movement restrictions are in effect?

If the official information gives detailed information about curfew hours on their websites, we have entered these in the free text fields.

Is there information on behavioral guidelines, e.g. mask requirement, distance rules, etc.? Are informtions about impending penalties given?

The mask obligation and social distancing rules are recorded in the the respective data field. If a penalty is evident from the sources, it is also recorded.

Are the various regulations of the airlines/railways also included?

We have not included the regulations of the airlines, so we recommend that you check with the respective airline before starting your journey. If masks are compulsory on public transport and trains, we have included this information.

Is there any information on the individual federal states in Germany? Or also for other countries in which there are federal states?

We have divided the individual countries into regions and states. The focus is on business and tourist travel destinations. In this way, we can also map the regionally differentiated travel and security advice of the Federal Foreign Office.

How can I make suggestions for corrections or report incorrect or outdated content?

Our aim is to keep the content as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible. Nevertheless, it can happen in individual cases that something slips through our fingers due to the large number of regulations and countries or that we have not yet entered it. You can report these cases to us via a feedback function, and we will immediately update the database.

I need specific information on a region that is not stored in the system. Who can I contact?

Use the feedback function to get in touch with us about this. If it is foreseeable that you have several special cases that are not covered by the Destination Manager, we recommend the Corona Hotline as a supplement to the Destination Manager.

Does A3M guarantee the timeliness and content of the information?

A3M cannot guarantee that the sources evaluated are reliable and up-to-date at all times. A3M will, however, check these regularly - without delay in the event of circumstances giving rise to doubts as to their reliability. For this purpose, A3M will check this information with several sources if there is cause to do so in order to ensure the completeness and up-to-dateness of individual pieces of information. We strongly recommend that, both for destinations within Germany and abroad (especially if travelling from a country outside of Germany to another country outside of Germany), the current travel advice issued by the respective competent authorities and institutions is observed and that information on travel possibilities and further measures is obtained from the embassies and foreign missions of the respective transit and destination countries.

Can I also find information about other pandemics, such as monkeypox, in the Destination Manager?

At the customer's request, we have also integrated restrictions due to monkeypox if the destination country has officially communicated them. We take other pandemics into account if necessary.

Target group

Is the Destination Manager integrated into Global Monitoring / Country Information or a stand-alone system?

The Destination Manager is an independent module in our product family that can be linked to Country Information. In the future, a link to Global Monitoring is also planned.

Will there be a version for the Travel Manager (similar to Global Monitoring)?

The Destination Manager is explicitly aimed at the travel managers of companies or the employees of travel agencies and TMCs.

Who can get access besides travel management?

The use in the business area includes 10 concurrent users as standard. For an additional charge, access to the web-based portal can be provided for all employees.

Are there interfaces to the Global Monitoring App?

Interfaces to the app are planned in the medium term, but cannot be realised in the short term, also because the review times at Google and Apple for their respective app stores are currently up to six weeks.

"My Trip" -Page

Will there be a version for users (travellers) for information?

The application is designed as a B2B web application intended for travel planning and booking monitoring. However, an individualised "My Trip" page can be created for each traveller so that they can view the most up-to-date information themselves at any time.

In the event that a customer already uses our Global Monitoring Travel Tracking Module, the "My Trip" page can be created automatically. However, this implies additional costs.

How do I register my clients for the Destination Manager notification service?

When creating the "My Trip" page for the customer, you can provide us with the customer's email address. When the customer first accesses the page, they can then agree to the notification service, but can also revoke this at any time."

I have already created a "My Trip" page, can my customer subsequently register for the notification service?

In this case, a new "My Trip" page must be created using the customer's email address and sent to the customer. Subsequent registration is not possible.

From when will my customers receive a notification and what is the content of the notification?

If the notification service is activated, customers will receive push emails from 30 days before departure indicating important changes and explicitly naming the corresponding changed category.

When will my customers receive a notification and what is the content of the notification?

If the notification service is activated, customers will receive push emails from 30 days before departure indicating important changes and explicitly naming the corresponding changed category.

How does change tracking work on the "My Trip" page?

We sort of save the view the customer had the last time they accessed the "My Trip" page, so we can highlight the changes. Once the customer confirms that they have taken note of them, the changes are removed from the change tracking.

Where can I see on the My Trips page whether a trip is feasible?

In the blue header on the "My Trip" page you will find the traffic lights 'Departure from Germany' and 'Possibility to enter the destination country'. The provisions of the Federal Foreign Office are shown under 'Departure from Germany', while the entry requirements of the local authorities of the destination country are shown under 'Possibility of entering the destination country'. To find out whether a trip is feasible, both traffic lights must be observed. Even if there are no restrictions on the part of the Federal Foreign Office, entry bans in the destination country can prevent a trip.

Contract and conditons

Is there a minimum contract period?

The minimum contract period is six months with automatic renewal for six months at a time. The terms and conditions will change if the contract period is shorter, please contact us for more informations. 

What is the pricing model for tourism and business travel?

For companies, the licence costs are based on the number of travelling employees per year, for travel agencies on the number of travel agents. If you inform us of these general conditions, you will receive our offer immediately.

What are the payment terms?

Invoices are issued in advance for the current six-month period.

If you are already an A3M Global Monitoring customer, is it just an upgrade or will there be an additional cost?

The Destination Manager is a stand-alone module that is linked to Country Information and Global Monitoring, but for which separate costs are incurred.

Can we conclude a contract directly with you or do we have to have this controlled via an existing framework contract with other partners?

The contract is usually concluded directly with A3M.


How many users can use one account at the same time?

In the business sector, we have a corporate licence model in which use is limited to 10 concurrent users as standard. In tourism, we have a model with 3 concurrent users for travel agencies and 10 concurrent users for tour operators/call centres. Additional users can also be booked.

Is it possible to test the Destination Manager in advance?

Yes, we can provide a test access. The duration of the test access can be agreed with us individually.

In which languages is the Destination Manager available?

Like all other products from the A3M product family, the Destination Manager is available in German and English.

Is it possible to store an individual logo?

In the user menu, a logo can be uploaded and individual contact details can be stored. These are then displayed accordingly in the PDF and on the "My Trip" page.


Is it possible to export the information?

The information can be exported to a PDF per geographical unit (country, region, three-letter code).

Is there an API to the Destination Manager?

All information from the Destination Manager can be exported via API. It can therefore be used for websites or offers.

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