We enable you to communicate with your guests in seconds

Getting an overview of a crisis and determining the impact on guests on site or arriving guests is the starting point of every crisis management. But then it comes down to communicating quickly and reliably with your customers to inform them of dangers and provide the right instructions for action. This is also done in a seamless workflow from Global Monitoring.

Once you have identified the affected guests, you transfer their bookings information, incl. contact details and mobile phone numbers recorded during the booking process, into our communication module.

Here you can choose from predefined templates or create a text ad hoc, which is then sent to the guests via SMS. That way, travellers can be warned in due time of impending natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis or forest fires – easily, quickly, inexpensively and reliably.

Unlike emails, roaming does not have to be activated and SMS can usually be delivered even if mobile data is not working because of an overload of mobile networks. Instant status report inform you about the transmission status of each individual SMS.

In an emergency, for example, guests can be asked to contact a specific emergency number or to respond directly to the SMS. The A3M SMS Response Tool can also be used to process and document the responses and queries from guests.

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