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Well prepared in advance of a trip thanks to our country expertise

Our Country Information provides comprehensive information on all countries of the world as well as many international metropolises. Thus, corporate clients and business travellers can reliably obtain comprehensive information about potential risk factors in the destination country before they travel and receive valuable advice on how to behave.

Our travel security analyst team ranks each country on a risk scale level from one to five. This rating is derived from our weighting of more than 100 different risk factors.

These include security and crime as well as health risks or transport and infrastructure. The latter category includes information on air traffic, public transport, taxis, cars/rental cars and possible strikes. In the health section, users can find out about necessary vaccinations or risks of infection.

Last but not least, our Country Information focuses on so-called special risks – these include, for example, cultural peculiarities. It also provides valuable travel and behavioural tips for female travellers.

Your employees automatically receive detailed country dossiers on their destination in the form of a PDF file sent to the contact data stored in the booking, so that they can prepare for their trip accordingly. Companies also have the option of defining bespoke dispatch rules – for example, depending on the classification of the respective country.

If you have any further questions regarding our Country Information, please also see our FAQs.

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