Enhanced security for your guests and employees

Today’s travellers have an increased need for information and security. Whether it is a request to contact the tour operator or travel manager or to send up-to-date information about strikes – with the A3M SMS Response Tool, tour operators and travel managers can inform and alert travellers quickly using text templates, and thus point out possible risks in advance.

Above all, SMS-Response offers more travel safety by giving you timely warning of impending crises and natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis and forest fires. With SMS-Response, travellers are informed and warned easily, quickly, cost-effectively and reliably via our certified data centre – no matter where they are.

The status of the messages (sent – delivered – confirmed) can be tracked online in real time. In addition, travellers have the possibility to contact you directly.

Travel Alerts: First-hand information on Travel Security

You also have the option of sharing the information from the system directly, unfiltered. In the Alert System module, you can create rules for the automatic dispatch of travel alerts via e-mail and SMS with a response function (Response Tool). The filter categories include the event category, the event level from 1 to 5, the region, country or continent and, most recently, self-drawn polygons. The travel alerts are then sent via e-mail and/or SMS to the contact data stored in each case. In this way, Global Monitoring automatically informs the travel managers/travellers when an event meets the parameters and can affect travel safety.

Example of a Travel Alert sent by email

// We inform you about events that are really relevant for you.

Not all warnings are the same