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A3M offers the most effective early warning, information and communication systems for the protection and safety of leisure travelers and employees on business trips and international assignments.

Due to the impact of dangers and security risks worldwide, the topics of travel security and crisis management are becoming increasingly important. Political unrest, terrorism, strikes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, epidemics, crime, etc. can have devastating effects. With our Global Monitoring System and the solutions Country Information, Destination Manager, Travel Tracking, Travel Alerts, Calendar Alerting  and Global Monitoring App, we support you in your duty of care and information obligation. We also offer selected ​​crisis management services, medical and security assistance.

Global Monitoring was named the industry standard in crisis management by the German Travel Association (DRV).

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The Destination Manager

Covid 19 has permanently changed holiday and business travel. Entry and exit regulations, testing obligations and on-site restrictions are subject to constant change. Our Destination Manager helps you to keep track of everything reliably and up-to-date – at country/region and destination level.
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