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Frequently Asked

We attach great importance to the intuitive usability of our systems and make every effort to provide our users with all the information they need about our services. However, we have received a number of questions regarding our Country Information, which we would like to answer here.

What sources does A3M use for the Country Information?

The main sources are foreign ministries such as the German Foreign Office, the British FCDO, the Canadian GAC, the US diplomatic security service OSAC. These are supplemented by a variety of category-specific sources.

Are there any daily events in the Country Information?

Current major events that result in significant risk or extensive restrictions are mapped in the database. Current events from the Global Monitoring System are also listed on each country page.

How is the rating assigned?

There are category-specific rules for the classification of the individual categories. The extent of travel restrictions or the risk to travellers are assessed on a five-level scale. A classification with Level 1 does not mean that restrictions or hazards can be excluded in principle. Level 1 therefore stands for the lowest probability that travellers will be affected by the possible restrictions or risks described by the category. Level 3 and higher means that travellers must pay attention to an important notice - because all travellers are potentially exposed to a risk nationwide and/or there are high risks in individual parts of the country or for individual types of travel (e.g. unhygienic conditions).

How is the content updated?

Updates to travel advisories from foreign ministries are entered daily. Less dynamic categories where the situation changes over a longer period of time are reviewed and updated at regular intervals.

How does the information in Global Monitoring, Country Information and Destination Manager differ?

Global Monitoring includes daily events and announcements that will become relevant within the next few days or weeks. In the Country Information, on the other hand, long-term developments and the general situation on the ground are mapped, while current developments are only included if they have a particularly high impact. In the Destination Manager, travel restrictions that occur in connection with the COVID 19 pandemic are mapped in detail.

What are the admission criteria?

All references from the Foreign Office and the British Foreign Office are mapped in the Country Information. In addition, there are the contents of category-specific sources and current major events.

What future dates will be recorded?

In the Country Information, annually recurring dates are included that may have an impact on transport and safety. Other dates are also included, such as elections or annually changing dates (e.g. Ramadan).

What information is mapped in the country information?

There is information on around 50 categories from the areas of entry and exit regulations, transport and infrastructure, health, natural hazards and environment, security, economic security and special risks.

Which kind of behavioural advice is given?

All safety-relevant behavioural instructions from authorities are included in the database. In addition, there are situation-specific behavioural advisories from A3M.

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