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Provision of information, analysis of the impact on the travel safety of employees and dispatch of alerts. All three elements together represent our integrated travel risk management solution, with which you can professionally fulfil your legal duty of care for your employees and protect them worldwide.

Safeguarding in the event of a crisis

Global Monitoring provides a quick overview of current threats worldwide. These are validated, classified and geo-referenced in the system. The travel routes and locations of your employees are immediately and automatically compared with this data for each recorded event. In the event of an emergency, A3M informs and alerts business travellers fully automatically in the form of warnings about possible sources of danger and crisis situations. At the same time, recipients receive valuable tips on how to react in the best possible way to the respective situation.

Travel Alerts are sent via e-mail and/or SMS to the contact details stored in the system or the booking.

Our customers can freely configure the sending of alerts and define corresponding rules. Different filter criteria can be combined with each other. These include the event category, the event level from 1 to 5, the region or country or the continent.

As soon as an event enters the system that corresponds to the parameters, A3M automatically informs the travellers and/or responsible persons such as travel managers.

Example of a Travel Alert sent via email
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