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Unsere Lösung für Ihre Informationspflichten (VVI)

The package travel directive stipulates that customers must be informed in detail about the entry requirements that apply to them before the travel contract is concluded. It is important for travel agencies and tour operators to keep an overview at all times.


The Destination Manager provides you with all information in a structured and timely manner for the combination of departure country, destination country, possible transit and nationality of the travelers in order to inform travelers comprehensively about entry, visa, vaccination regulations and any local restrictions at the time of booking. This makes it much easier to give advice at the counter and to monitor existing bookings. This allows you to get accurate answers to the following questions:
  • What are the specific entry requirements for my customers?
  • Do they need a visa or an entry permit?
  • What impact does the COVID-19 vaccination status have on entry?
  • What identification documents are required?
  • What are the customs, import and export regulations?
  • What are the local restrictions that need to be observed?
  • Is there anything to consider when leaving the country?
Our team of experienced travel security analysts ensures that this information is always up to date so that you can meet your pre-contractual information obligations (VVI). Attention! Of course, all information is also available via API, e.g. to be integrated into offers or an advertising campaign. Our package is rounded off by structured information on events worldwide that can potentially affect the itinerary beyond COVID-19, as well as – depending on the license model – access to comprehensive Country-Information.

The “My Trip” page: All information for the traveler at a glance at all times

The information can be made available to each traveler via a customized “My Trip” page optimized for smartphones and tablets. This page, which is sent via a link, shows all updated information from the Destination Manager at any time before and during the trip.

The nationality of the travelers can be changed on the site itself, in order to take account of dual citizenships or misunderstandings not known at the time of booking. The “My Trip” page is also optimized for round trips by clearly structuring the regulations to be observed based on the actual itinerary.

You can also ensure that your customers are proactively informed of important changes from 30 days before travel. All you have to do is provide the customer’s email address when creating the “My Trip” page. They can then subscribe to the notification service on the “My Trip” page and unsubscribe at any time.

Your customers are therefore always up to date with regard to the entry requirements for their trip and no longer have to research them themselves or check with you.

If you have any further questions regarding our Destination Manager, please refer to our FAQs.

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