We can locate your guests
in an emergency!

In a crisis, it is important to act quickly to ensure the safety of travellers: What happened? When did it happen? Where did it happen? But in order to act quickly and inform and warn your guests of danger, you need to be able to locate and inform your guests within seconds. This is exactly where our Global Monitoring System comes in.

Complex business models require professional support

Today, tour operators offer an enormous range of flights and hotel arrangements through dynamic packaging and cooperations with hotel databases. Classic reservation and in-house legacy systems make it hard to quickly gain an overview of where the guests are located in the event of a crisis. When push comes to shove, valuable time is wasted on gathering information – valuable time that is not available to contact guests and initiate immediate emergency services.

Our analysis tools create vital transparency in a crisis!

We enable you to upload your booking data to our system, where they are geo-referenced and can then be matched with events recorded in our information system to analyse how many guests are or could be affected by an incident.

This travel tracking is then performed by evaluating the guest numbers in our database module or by drawing a polygon on the map around the affected areas which is the much more user-friendly and effective option. With just a few clicks, you can see how many holidaymakers are currently in the area or how many will be travelling there in the next few days.

A hurricane in the Caribbean or an earthquake on the American West Coast? Instead of painstakingly pulling data from your in-house systems for each country or city and aggregating it, Global Monitoring gives you all the information you need with just a few mouse clicks.

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Global Monitoring
in a nutshell

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