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Always plan business trips well informed

The pandemic has shown that entry requirements can change dynamically even after a business trip has been booked. It is all the more important that business travelers and travel managers always keep an overview. We provide you with all the information – also independent of COVID-19 – to plan your business trips reliably and to monitor existing bookings.

The Destination Manager provides your business travelers with all information in a structured and timely manner for the combination of departure country, destination country, possible transit and nationality of the travelers, so that your employees are comprehensively informed about entry, visa, vaccination regulations and any local restrictions before the trip. For travel managers, this means significant time savings.

The Destination Manager provides answers to the following questions, among others:

  • What are the specific entry requirements for my employees?
  • Do they need a visa or entry permit to attend on-site business appointments?
  • What impact does the COVID-19 vaccination status have on entry?
  • Are there still any COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements?
  • What identification documents are required?
  • What are the customs, import and export regulations?
  • What are the local restrictions that need to be observed?
  • Are there any special features when leaving the country?

Our team of experienced travel security analysts ensures that the information is always up to date and that you can therefore meet your information obligations as an employer (“duty of care”).

Always up to date with the “My Trip” page

The system offers a special service for business travellers. Travel managers can create an individualised “My Trip” page for each booking, so that the traveller can proactively inform himself about the current situation on site at any time.

In order to avoid information escaping the attention of your travellers, you can ensure that they are proactively informed about important changes from 30 days before travel. All you need to do is enter the traveller’s email address when you create the My Trip page. The recipient can then subscribe to and unsubscribe from the notification service on the “My Trip” page.

The following languages ​​are available: in addition to German and English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Turkish.

For those companies already using the Travel Tracking module in Global Monitoring, the “My Trip” page can be created automatically for each traveller when booking or changing the booking of a flight trip. In addition, this also enables an automated check whether this trip is feasible due to entry restrictions.

If you have any further questions regarding our Destination Manager Information, please also see our FAQs.

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