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Your obligations
as a tour operator

Tour operators are subject to some legal requirements regarding the safety of travelers. Especially in the event of a crisis, they have to act quickly and professionally. According to the package travel guideline, they are also obliged to ensure 24/7 availability during the trip in the event of complaints, irregularities and crises.

The duties of a tour operator begin long before the trip. As part of his traffic safety obligations, he must ensure that there is no danger to life and limb from the swimming pools in the hotel complex. For this purpose, A3M has developed the Pool Safety Module, which is used by the leading German tour operators as a workflow tool to document the results of the pool checks in an audit-proof manner..

Due to the corona pandemic, it is currently important to obtain reliable and structured information about different entry regulations and local restrictions before you travel. The Destination Manager provides this information for tour operators and travel agencies.

If a crisis occurs or a travel warning is issued by the Federal Foreign Office, tour operators must inform their customers immediately about possible dangers and risks and initiate emergency measures to ensure customer safety. For this it is essential to observe world events at all times and to communicate directly with the guests if a dangerous situation arises.

In the event of a crisis, the Global Monitoring System provides all crisis-related information in order to get an overview of the situation and initiate crisis measures. This information can be cross-checked with traveler booking data (travel tracking) to determine who is impacted by an event. It’s just a few clicks from here to informing guests via SMS.

//24/7 availability as a tour operator

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