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A3M Global Monitoring is a web-based crisis information, analysis, communication and management system which helps to record, analyse and display critical events and crises via a geo-information system.

Award winning

Global Monitoring has been declared the Tourism Industry Standard by the German Travel Association (DRV).

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Main Modules

The geo-referenced display using symbols and icons on the map provides a quick overview of current events and hazards worldwide. Various news tickers provide information on current events and updates, travel warnings and industry-relevant news. You can also access country data, information on airports, and travel warnings published by the Federal Foreign Office at any time.

Your company-specific data is automatically matched with the current events in order to locate employees and guests. If, for example, one of your employees or guests is within a defined danger zone, this event is specially marked. Among other things, this individual relevance classification of events is used for automated alerts.

The integrated communication system automatically alerts participants – via SMS, email or push message in the app. You can send messages to guests, customers and staff directly from the system. The response function allows you to view the responses of guests, customers and staff.

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Global Monitoring
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