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The story behind our employees

Emilia Clarke
Thomas Dillon
I am Irish, but have lived in Hamburg for more than 20 years. I graduated in Limerick in 1979 as an electronics engineer with a focus on computer science. Since August 2008, I have been managing partner of A3M, where I am responsible for the strategic direction of the company and its expansion abroad.
In my professional life, I have developed the reservation systems "Robin" and "Merlin", among others, and since June 2005 I have been managing partner of Best Practice GmbH, a financial holding company with several participations. Until December 2016, I was also managing partner of Pisano Holding GmbH, an equity investment company for travel technology companies. After leaving Pisano Holding GmbH, I am now a shareholder in several travel technology and fintech companies together with Best Practice GmbH.
Emilia Clarke
Mirko Jacubowski
At A3M, I am responsible for operations and our customers from the tourism sector. Before joining A3M in 2019, I spent 17 years working in various positions at Thomas Cook, e.g. in the travel agency chain, complaints management, airport service and the subsidiary GfR. In addition, I headed the crisis management and crisis team at Thomas Cook for eight years. I studied political science with a focus on American foreign and security policy.
Emilia Clarke
Martin Stamm
I have been responsible for Corporate Travel at A3M since the beginning of 2015. In my previous life, I worked as an independent contractor in the Middle East region for more than 10 years, advising organisations on the implementation of IT-based security solutions.
Emilia Clarke
Dr. Michael Liddle
I have been with A3M since 2011 and lead our software development team. I am responsible for our entire technical infrastructure and software architecture. However, time permitting, I also continue to work directly in software development. I am originally from New Zealand and have a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Otago. Overall, I have been programming software for over 20 years.
Emilia Clarke
Carsten Fischer
At A3M, I am looking after B2C products around Der-Reisemanager.com and develop relationships with associations, destination management organisations and other tourism companies. In the last 16 years, I have been responsible for various content and digitalisation projects for tourism companies in our group of companies. I have been a tourism expert from the ground up and started my career at the former TUI shareholder Hamburger Abendblatt-DIE WELT-Reisebüro. This was followed by positions at tour operators such as ÖGER TOURS as Head of Yield Management and at DCS-Merlin and Sabre as Director Customer Service. The current challenges offer good opportunities, especially for the tourism industry, to advance digitalisation in big steps. I work on this every day!
Emilia Clarke
Christfriede Eydam
I have been working at A3M since 2011 and therefore know our systems from the outset. I attend to new software products, modules and interfaces from the very first idea or enquiry to the exact specification, and the extensive testing of the finished software components. Finally, the handover to the customer, including training, is also my responsibility. As Head of Customer Support, I see myself as the first point of contact for our customers in all matters, as an interface, so to speak, between external (customers, partners, data suppliers) and internal (development and travel security analysts). My focus here is on the technical support of our B2B customers - business travel as well as tourism. In close cooperation with our sales department, I take over customers as soon as the contract is signed, coordinate the technical implementation, i.e. the set-up and configuration of the accounts and interfaces, and am then available at any time for all questions regarding the operation of our systems.
Emilia Clarke
Giulia Canepa
My training as a tourism clerk with a focus on business travel opened the doors to A3M for me. I have been working for the company since November 2020. I assist Martin with the sales tasks and advise and look after the customers in close exchange with my colleagues. In addition, I support Christfriede in the technical area.
Emilia Clarke
Bernd Wenninger
I have been with A3M since October 2020 and am responsible, among other things, for the expansion of the mobile strategy and parts of the B2B cooperations. I am also responsible for company-wide strategic projects and act as an interface to external partners and service providers. I already know the team and the different products of A3M from my time as Head of Crisis Management at the former tour operator Thomas Cook due to the intensive cooperation over many years. What I enjoy most about working at A3M is the innovative spirit of all my colleagues and the short and unbureaucratic decision-making processes. This allows us to constantly and quickly adapt and implement new circumstances so that our customers are always well informed.
Emilia Clarke
Nadja Hentschel
I have been with A3M in Hamburg since 2020. Besides marketing and the website, I mainly take care of our customers. I know the tourism industry inside out. For the last 17 years, I was responsible for up to eight airport offices, among other things, as a regional manager at Thomas Cook. I have also been responsible for piloting projects and developing staff. As an IATA specialist, I am also familiar with the needs of corporate customers. This knowledge helps us enormously in our IT development processes.
Emilia Clarke
Klaus Henschel
Director Consulting
After completing my vocational training as a travel agent and studying business administration with a focus on tourism at Worms University, I took on various management positions in the travel agency industry. In 1987, on behalf of FIRST Management, I founded the business travel branch FIRST Business Travel and then managed the international franchise system Lufthansa City Center as managing director for 20 years. I have been self-employed since 2018, including as a lecturer at various tourism universities, consultant, trainer, coach and start-up founder. Throughout my professional career, I have mainly devoted myself to the business travel sector and have developed an excellent reputation as a business travel specialist.
Emilia Clarke
Bärbel Bauregger
As Customer and Technical Support Specialist in Christfriede's team, I am responsible for all of our customers' technical issues relating to our products. This begins immediately after the contract is signed with the establishment and configuration of new accounts as well as their interfaces and the corresponding training or introduction. Even after this initial setup, I am still the contact person for expansion and customization requests. I am a child of tourism and have been working in travel technology in various areas such as sales and account management and IT project management for almost 20 years, after starting out in a travel agency and as a tour guide. What I like most is the close exchange with customers, and I see myself as a translator between customer and market requirements and the IT world. I like the exciting A3M product portfolio and the daily work with a colorful and highly motivated team to make traveling around the world safer.
Emilia Clarke
Florian Diederichs
I have been working in IT development at A3M since the first prototype of Global Monitoring. That was about 10 years ago and time has flown by. As a full stack developer, I accompany the development in all phases and across all technology levels. I mainly work on our core technologies, take care of the operation of our systems and develop new modules for our customers. What I particularly like about A3M is that we think long-term in IT development and that technologically sustainable decisions make sense here. In addition, our projects around travel security offer exciting specialist topics with high social relevance and the collaboration with the travel security analyst team is therefore incredibly interesting.
Emilia Clarke
Samed Kizgin
I have been monitoring and analysing country-specific situations and risks for travellers of all kinds worldwide for A3M since 2015. As Head of the Travel Security Analyst Team, my core tasks include planning, coordination, control and content responsibility of A3M events in Global Monitoring and our Country Information, as well as the planning and coordination of projects, shift work, on-call duty, team meetings and workshops. The big challenge of my job is to ensure the smooth and seamless running of the team. From terror in Afghanistan to forest fires in Australia - in real time 365 days a year. In addition, I am in charge of corporate communications, coordinating and managing event coverage on social media and the event blog. This also includes the coordination of social media campaigns with third party SMM service providers and PR agencies.
Emilia Clarke
Marcel Conrad
After studying political science, I joined A3M in 2012 to help build our Travel Security Analyst team. I have been involved in the planning, creation and expansion of the A3M products Country Information incl. City Information and Global Monitoring from the very beginning. In the meantime, my tasks also include editorial quality management, content management of the Travel Security Analyst Team and the definition of internal editorial standards and workflows. My activities also include the content conception of projects. As Chief Content Manager at A3M, I am also responsible for the content created by the Travel Security Analyst Team. Most recently, one of my focuses has also been on building up a related team in South Korea. What I appreciate most about working in our A3M team is the high level of identification with the products, the enthusiasm in the team and the constant improvement of our services through internal feedback and close cooperation with development, sales and customers.
Emilia Clarke
Sebastian Manstetten
I joined A3M after studying History and was able to establish myself immediately as part of the company´s team of Travel Security Analysts. Keeping track of a (sometimes obscure) global news situation was the task that piqued my interest in the profession. The different disciplines that cooperate with each other in the department and their respective approaches to monitoring lead to an interesting interaction that always shows how differently our tasks can be interpreted. These differing approaches, which can be discussed openly and honestly, are what makes working in this team so appealing to me.
Emilia Clarke
Katrin Roosens
After completing my Master's degree in Crisis & Security Management in Leiden/NL, I joined A3M in April 2018 as a Travel Security Analyst. Initially, I worked mainly in Global Monitoring, where the monitoring, assessment and recording of travel and security-related information and events made up the majority of my daily work. Later, my responsibilities were expanded to include the country and city database, which provides travellers with all the important background information on their destination in a clear format. In the Corona year 2020, another very exciting field of work opened up for me with the Destination Manager developed by A3M. Since May, the bilingual (DE/EN) input of daily updated content regarding worldwide existing Corona restrictions - from entry to curfews to masking requirements - has determined my daily work. In addition, I am also responsible for the linguistic design of our A3M product family.
Emilia Clarke
Dominik Manal
With experience in digital humanities and geo-information systems, I joined A3M in 2018. My analyses take me all over the world and I like to "map out" my findings for our customers on our various product platforms. In addition, I take care of the technical development of the analysis work in the department. Last but not least, I support corporate communication on the various social media channels.
Emilia Clarke
Michael Trinkwalder
I joined A3M after completing my Master's degree in International Relations and several stints abroad. As a Travel Security Analyst, I am mainly involved in the real-time monitoring and evaluation of potentially security-relevant events around the world for the 24/7 Global Monitoring System. However, I am also responsible for drafting analysis briefs about major security-related developments (e.g. in China, Myanmar, Ethiopia) as well as a weekly review of global risks. What excites me most about working at A3M is sitting at the confluence of breaking news from an incredibly diverse variety of sources. What others only learn from the evening news, the analysts at A3M are aware of within minutes.
Emilia Clarke
Thorsten Muth
As a Travel Security Analyst at A3M, I have been tracking down all kinds of travel obstacles with my colleagues in Global Monitoring since the end of 2019. The core of my work is the evaluation and processing of relevant information from several thousand sources, which we forward to our customers in real time in German and English. At the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, A3M launched the Destination Manager, a tool for travel agencies, tour operators and business travellers. As part of a small team, we provide daily updates on travel restrictions and local measures in 195 countries around the world. My personal regional focus is West Asia. After studying religious studies and Middle Eastern studies, I am particularly interested in armed conflicts and periods of political upheaval. During the Arab Spring in 2011, I was at the demonstrations in Cairo, and I was also able to observe the peaceful revolution in Armenia in 2018 live on the ground. With A3M, I am now also at the forefront of changes taking place somewhere in the world. Our team of young, motivated analysts is always up to date - whether it's about COVID-19 or railway strikes, terrorist threats and military coups.