Our Outlook for 2024

We are also taking a look into the future for the year 2024 and looking at a variety of selected topics from the complexes of political crisis, armed conflict, demonstrations and unrest as well as the environment and nature, which will continue to have an impact in 2024:

  • What are the armed conflicts that we will need to keep an eye on in 2024?
  • How is the situation in West Africa developing?
  • What connections exist between Israel and Saudi Arabia?
  • Will heatwaves and forest fires play a role in 2024?
  • What can we expect in the US election?
  • What will El Niño bring us in 2024?
  • Which dates should we not miss in 2024 due to their impact?

We have looked into these questions and summarised our expertise for you. In addition, we have also published our A3M RISK MAP for 2024.

Picture of Mirko Jacubowski

Mirko Jacubowski

Chief Operating Officer