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A3M Global Monitoring GmbH, Hintere Grabenstr. 26, 72070 Tübingen, Germany, http://www.global-monitoring.comsupport@a3mobile.com

Registry Court: Local Court Stuttgart, HRB 724946, VAT-ID: DE264449037, Managing Director: Thomas Dillon

A3M processes news, analysis, advices, and risk assessments (information) from a variety of sources generally considered to be reliable, but not having undergone an independent review. A3M´s scope is to generate notifications, which are provided to customers via various communication tools, including web portals, event mails / travel alerts, event pages, mobile apps, country- and city dossiers (PDF), “My trip”-pages.
Through the Corona-Hotline, A3M conducts researches on request (telephone, e-mail) for customers, providing them with information about current COVID-19 restrictions in their destination of interest.

Although A3M makes every effort to provide accurate and complete information, we cannot assume any legal liability for the accuracy, correctness, integrity, timeliness, relevance, usefulness or reliability of the provided content. Please use this information as a basis for further independent research only.

The A3M systems and services may contain translations provided by the “DeepL SE” machine translation service. A machine translation reproduces the essential content of a text in an easy-to-understand manner. It is generated automatically without any human involvement. The quality and accuracy of machine translations may vary greatly depending on the text and the language combination. A3M disclaims any warranty for the correctness and any liability for potential mistranslations. Some contents (such as images, files, etc.) may not be translated due to the system’s technical limitations

Additionally, A3M cannot warrant that the providers and systems used to disseminate information will operate without interruption or error-free and, in particular, that information will be available or can be accessed at all times. This applies especially to data transmitted via e-mail, SMS, websites, mobile apps, data pools or other telecommunication systems.

A3M cannot warrant that the provided or linked information is in accordance with laws applicable in the country in which it is made available, or from which it can be accessed. Each recipient is responsible for complying with all relevant laws.

Please refer to the A3M website for full terms and conditions.