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Your complement to the Destination Manager

The Destination Manager provides you with much of the information you need to monitor and plan business trips. But especially when it comes to more specific issues such as complex routing and other nationalities, sometimes reliable, competent, manual research is needed.

Your Duty of Care
You would like to send your employees on a business trip again and need reliable planning? Do you want a competent and reliable contact person to discuss questions about COVID-19 around the clock? Do you also want to avoid waiting times at health offices and provide this service exclusively to your employees?
Our A3M Corona Hotline
With us, you play it "safe" and have a physical contact person around the clock. We do the research for you when the Destination Manager does not provide an adequate answer, i.e. for complex transfer and stopover connections and non-German nationals. In addition, you will receive a competent answer in German or English from an expert on all COVID-19-related questions (other languages can be provided at an extra charge)!
Complex Routings
Not all questions regarding travel planning can be answered by the Destination Manager. Particularly in the case of complex transfer and stopover connections, reliable manual research is required. This also applies to other special cases such as complex transit regulations or other nationalities. Call us around the clock - our experienced team of experts researches a variety of sources to provide you with an optimal result - tailored to your needs.
COVID 19 Health Issues
As an added value, the A3M Corona hotline includes expert advice on callers' health concerns. You now have the opportunity to speak to medical specialists around the clock. This gives you and your employees a decisive advantage over calling health offices, which are often overwhelmed with the call volume and frequently only reachable with long telephone waiting times.
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Our Corona Hotline
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