Unsere Daten -
Ihre Tools

You don’t have to rely on our systems to get the most out of our information. Via state-of-the-art interfaces (APIs), we can supply you with our content, which you can integrate into websites, intranets, technical platforms such as reservation systems and/or mid-offices, or even apps.

Not in the mood for new systems? Use our content in your environment

Whether it’s up-to-the-second geo-referenced information on crises around the world, our detailed country and city risk assessment information, or our detailed travel and entry informations. All of our information can be played out via our APIs in such a way that it can be easily integrated into your own systems. Our data can be mirrored in its entirety or launched via a query only when needed. Through push and pull, the performance of your website can be positively influenced. And this in the combination, the level of detail and the look & feel that suits your needs.