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A3M provides the most effective early warning, information and communication systems for the protection and safety of holiday travellers and employees on business trips and foreign assignments.

Due to a rise in dangers and security risks worldwide, travel safety and crisis management are becoming increasingly important. Political unrest, terrorism, strikes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, epidemics, crime, etc. can have devastating effects. With our Global Monitoring System and the solutions Country Information for Travellers, Destination Manager, Travel Tracking, Travel Alerts, SMS Response and Global Monitoring App, we support you in your duty of care and information. We also offer selected services in the area of crisis management and travel assistance.

Global Monitoring has been named the industry standard in crisis management by the German Travel Association (DRV).

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Quo Vadis Ethiopia: Two Wars for the Price of One?

What was supposed to be nothing more than “a large-scale law enforcement operation” with “limited and achievable” objectives, turned into a protracted armed struggle that in light of recent developments the Ethiopian Armed Forces might very well lose.

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Travel to China: No Return to Business as Usual?

For those still travelling in times of the pandemic, having a COVID-19 test swab inserted into the nose or mouth has become an all too familiar sensation. However, having the same procedure conducted rectally should be an altogether new experience for most travellers.

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