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Our global warning system for business trips

Natural disasters and global risks increasingly highlight the importance of travel security for business travellers. The A3M Global Monitoring App provides you with an effective early warning and information system. The app informs the respective user worldwide about dangers and events in the respective environment based on the geo-position of the smartphone.

The app uses the current location of the smartphone to provide targeted push notifications about dangers and relevant restrictions at the location and corresponding behavioural instructions. For data protection reasons, the user’s current location cannot be viewed by third parties, but is only used to deliver relevant travel alerts.

The Emergency Button for enhanced safety

With a click on the red emergency button, the user gets access to the respective local emergency numbers for ambulance, fire brigade and police.

In addition, companies have the option of entering the emergency number of an emergency hotline for assistance services provided by us or you. Whether you have chest pains, questions about foreign characters on medicines or information about German-speaking doctors on site – the red emergency button always provides you with quick help and competent information.

This also ensures rapid rescue in the event of an emergency. A 24-hour emergency call centre in Germany receives the calls and forwards the geo-coordinates of the person in need of help, which are transmitted in parallel via SMS, to the local partner from the worldwide network. The partner control centre now activates the local rescue service, which dispatches help as quickly as possible.

Your mobile Guardian Angel

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Global Monitoring App:
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