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Saving lives with our Tsunami Alarm System

The Tsunami Alarm System is the nucleus of A3M and was developed by us after the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004. The system evaluates earthquake data from several reliable sources and informs about impending tsunami dangers worldwide.

Our Tsunami Alarm System evaluates collected earthquake data from several reliable sources. Based on this information, the Tsunami Alarm System creates an automatic hazard forecast. Our 24/7 team of experienced travel security analysts takes care of the further hazard analysis and the all-clear following an alarm.

If an earthquake has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami due to its magnitude, the depth of the hypocentre and the location (distinction between seaquakes / earthquakes on land), then we send corresponding tsunami warnings to our subscribers via SMS regardless of their location.

We do not send out a message for severe earthquakes which, however, will in all likelihood not generate a destructive tsunami, e.g. due to their location.

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