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Travelling well informed on vacation and be aware of changes within seconds. A tour operator or travel agency is not necessarily required for this! Our products enable you to fully inform yourself before and during the trip to your destination and possible sources of danger

Lean back, we keep an eye on the world for you

Tsunami Alarm System,

It all began with Tsunami Alarm System, which warns you worldwide when a tsunami is looming. This gives you enough time to follow the instructions of the authorities and go to higher located regions. While the Tsunami Alarm System, only warns of tsunamis, our Global Monitoring App, is a comprehensive warning app that specifically warns you of possible dagenrs based on you geo-positioning – not just at your vacation destination, but wherever you are reliable around the clock, 365 days a year. You may also use the app to find out about current potential dangers worldwide.

Also part of the Global Monitoring App is “der-reisemanager.com“, which also works as a website. This is our product on vacation travel and COVID-19. Here, those interested in vacation can find out about all the provisions relating to entry and return as well as the local situation before and during the trip. We show in detail which provisions apply to those who have recovered, vaccinated or tested and which specific requirements must be met in order to be able to start and end the vacation without any problems. Registered users can also save their favorites and be informed by email if there are any changes to the respective travel destinations.

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