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Frequently Asked

We attach great importance to the intuitive usability of our systems and make every effort to provide our users with all the information they need about our services. However, we have received a number of questions regarding our Global Monitoring App, which we would like to answer here.

General info

What is the difference between the Global Monitoring App and the Global Monitoring Customer App?

The Global Monitoring App is for our business customers and requires an activation code that you receive from your employer. The Global Monitoring Customer App is for private individuals and must be activated via in-app purchase. In addition, both differ in their functionalities.

Do I need an internet connection to be alerted?

Yes, the Global Monitoring App requires an active internet connection to constantly retrieve the latest events, country informaion and entry regulations from our database.

Do location services have to be activated?

GPS and other location services must be activated in order to inform you of dangers in your surroundings at all times.

How can I be notified?

Currently, you can be notified via push message and / or e-mail. Notification via SMS is not possible.

The Global Monitoring App no longer notifies me. What can I do?

Please restart the app. If you still have problems, please contact our support via the help in the Global Monitoring App.

The app sends me notifications for an incorrect location. What can I do?

Please log out of the app and log in again.

Global Monitoring App

What new functions does the Global Monitoring App offer compared to the previous version?

The Global Monitoring App is a completely new product compared to its predecessor. We have redesigned the entire look and feel of the app and added some new functionalities: For example, users can create upcoming trips in the system and be informed when something happens there. We also provide detailed risk assessments for these trips, which we supplement with entry and exit information. This also includes any special arrangements resulting from COVID-19 measures.
In addition, you can be actively informed about relevant events independently of a specific trip. For this purpose, countries and/or event categories can be added to a "watchlist".

Where do I get the access data for the Global Monitoring App?

Please contact the responsible person  in your company.

How do I access the country information and arrival and departure information?

Depending on the licence model, the country information and / or the arrival and departure information may be activated in the app. In this case, please contact the responsible person in your company.

How can I define multiple locations in my app?

There are basically two ways to do this: On the one hand, you can create future trips in the app and then receive precise notifications for them. Secondly, there is the option of adding countries to the "watchlist" and being actively informed whenever something happens there.

How can I use the full functionality of the SOS button?

The SOS button gives you access to the local emergency numbers for the police, ambulance and fire brigade. In addition, it is possible to store the number of a specific emergency call centre - such as an insurance company or assistance centre - here. Please contact the responsible person in your company.

How will I be alerted by the Global Monitoring App?

The Global Monitoring App can alert you in two ways: via push message and / or email.

Location-based notifications are always delivered via push messages, you can optionally select email as an additional delivery method. You can decide on a case-by-case basis whether notifications for future trips, countries and/or events on the watchlist are delivered via push message or email.

Who has access to my geoposition data?

The geo-position data of the app cannot be viewed by third parties, but is only used for the delivery of relevant warning messages.

Global Monitoring Consumer App

May I transfer my existing subscription from Android to iOS and vice versa?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer in-app purchases between different platforms (app store providers). The reasons for this are technical: it is not possible to restore purchases from iOS under Android, or vice versa. In-app purchases on the respective platform are always linked to the respective Apple account ID or to the corresponding Google account. When changing providers, an existing subscription should be cancelled and taken out again with the new provider.

Does the Global Monitoring Consumer App also work if I change my mobile number?

Yes, the Global Monitoring App is not linked to the mobile number, but to the Google or Apple account.

How can I view my past invoices?

As a customer of the Global Monitoring  Consumer App, you can view it in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

How can I add multiple locations in my app?

The Global Monitoring Consumer App alerts the user based on their own GPS position. Additional locations cannot be added.

I have a new smartphone. How can I transfer my existing subscription?

You can simply log in with your existing Google or Apple account and use the Global Monitoring App.

Do I have to cancel my free trial subscription?

No, the free trial subscription ends automatically and does not require separate cancellation.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions are managed via the Gloogle Play or Apple App Store and can be cancelled there.

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